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Glee fanfiction involving the characters having animal traits
This is a community for Glee fanfiction of any rating involving one or more characters having animal traits. This can include alternate universes, crossovers, or just plain crackfic. Like stories about characters having cat ears? Werewolves? Wing!fic? This is the comm for you.

Rules: 1) be nice. No character bashing, author bashing or ship bashing
2) All fic entries must contain a header with disclaimer, rating, and a short summary above the LJ cut. All fics must be under an LJ cut.
3) All stories must contain at least 1 canon Glee character.
4) Het, slash, femslash, moresomes, and gen are all allowed, but at least one character must have some sort of animal trait. This does not have to be the focus of the story, but it has to be present.
5) Please contact a mod before posting any promos or ads.
6) Fanart, fanfiction, icons, music, etc. are all welcome. Once the tagging system is established, please tag accordingly.

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