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Fan art - fox!Kurt...

Today we have fox!Kurt caught in a steel jaw trap, also known as a leghold trap, bear trap, etc. Not sure why I wanted to draw this, I just... wanted to do it. Warning for blood, tears, anguish/angst, etc. Click the pic below to see behind the LJ-cut.

Glee BDSM 1sm!

gleedsm is hosting a 1SM this week for fic, art, fanvids, fanmixes, etc. all involving Glee characters in BDSM scenarios. This includes D/s AUs, BDSM club settings, or just Rachel getting a spanking for being selfish. It's multiship, so all characters and pairings are welcome.

Come join us!


Fan Art - demon!Kurt and demon!Blaine

This is related to the demon!Blaine thing that made its way around Tumblr some time ago... last year, I think. It's my take on demon!Kurt and demon!Blaine, or if you prefer, I suppose they could instead be a kind of creature having feathered wings and blackened eyes-- not necessarily "demons" being in any way "evil". Just animalistic. *shrug* I'm not picky.

Click the teaser pic below to go behind the cut. Warning: blood/gore.

Trans!Glee 1SM

Hey everybody! glee_genderplay is hosting a Trans* Glee One Sentence Meme this weekend!

Trans* Glee 1SM

The meme is running until Monday and is open for fic, art, and all other types of transformative works.


Fan Art - "Obedience Training", husky!Kurt

Hello everyone! Just keeping up the trend of drawing Kurt possessing various animal features. Today's flavor is husky!Kurt... because I think Siberian huskies are such beautiful dogs, and because I wanted to draw Kurt wearing a collar and tags (plus a little more, you'll see).

Click the teaser pic below to view it at tumblr. Also, NSFW, y'all.

Glee Angst Meme Altered Reality Challenge!

Hey! We're doing a 2-week challenge to help get us through the hiatus over on the glee_angst_meme

GAM Altered Reality Challenge

Come post angsty prompts set in alternate settings, from dystopian futures to historical situations to sci-fi/fantasy scenarios. The challenge will be open for prompts until March 25th.

Come play with us!


Fan Art - Squid!Blaine and Leopard!Kurt

Hey everyone! It's been a long time time since I last posted anything here... But this time I come bearing fan art for a delightful and imaginative work-in-progress animal hybrids fic, The One With Squidkittens, written by animal_sweaters. This is my interpretation of her MermaidSquid!Blaine and SnowLeopard!Kurt. Read the fic at her tumblr, I know you’re intrigued. ;)

Clicking the picture below will take you to my tumblr page where the art is hosted, and by clicking on it there you'll able to view it full size. It's definitely NSFW, so take care.

Klaine Madness: New Challenge!

Like Klaine? Like writing smut? Like writing contests? Than Klaine Madness is perfect for you! 
The contest starts March 1st, and sign up are open from now until the February 27th. So hurry on over!
Click below to find out more. 

posted with mod permission


Fic: When the Autumn Moon is Bright

Title: When the Autumn Moon is Bright (1/?)
Author: Luna Rose
Fandom: Glee
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Klaine, Kurt Hummel, Blaine Anderson, mentions of The Warblers, and Finn Hudson (might be more if continued)

Warnings: Mentions of Illness. Mentions of *Spoiler* Highlight to read- Werwolves

Summary: Blaine and Kurt plan on forever, but each have one major, life altering secret they are keeping from each other. One could kill. The other is a killer.

Author's Notes: Yeah...I have NO idea where on Earth this came from. I saw the prompts, and THIS came out! WTF? My imagination is going haywire. I don't even write angst!

Written for the gleeverse challenge Jar of Hearts

Over here on my journal: http://parchment-moon.livejournal.com/9941.html

Glee Multi-Cross Challenge!

Ever wonder what would happen if Buffy, the Doctor, Seely Booth, Sookie Stackhouse, Sherlock Holmes, Spencer Reid and Rick Castle were all running around in Lima with the Glee crew?
We're having our first Glee multi-cross challenger over at the glee_cross_meme

Come over, and prompt stories with 2 or more fandoms in them, and we will try and fill them!

Glee Multi-Cross Challenge!


GleeMpreg Minibang!

If you love boys and their babies, come join the gleempreg minibang. We accept all pairings, genres, and secondary themes as long as mpreg is at the forefront. Fics need to be 3000 words long. All types of art accepted. We are looking for writers (signups until 1st Dec) to diversify the minibang, and most especially Artists and Beta to contribute as well (sign-ups go until 27 of Dec).Fics to be posted 3-6 February. So, please join in on the fun!

(posted with mod permission)


Fic: Baby Boy, You Stay On My Mind

Title: Baby Boy, You Stay On My Mind
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3,941
Warnings: Innocence!Kink, Daddy!Kink, Bunny!Kurt
Summary: Blaine just barely manages to hold in a pleasured groan at the sight of Kurt methodically pulling one of his long, brown ears through his hands. He swallows it down, continues with the script. “Do you want to stay with Daddy tonight? I can protect you from the storm.”
Author’s Note: Fill for this prompt on the Glee Kink Meme. Title is from the song “Baby Boy” by Beyonce, because I have an awful sense of humor. Huge thanks to fallintosilence and Noel for helping me with this and allowing me to bounce ideas off them at all hours of the morning!

Read it HERE at my journal!

(Also, I would love an author tag! :3)

Fic: Chasing Tails (1 of 1)

Title: Chasing Tails
Author: pterawaters
Characters; Pairings: Ensemble; Spoilers for the story, highlight to read pairings: Klaine, Tike, Finchel, Puck/Everyone (including OCs)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Oneshot, Crack, Mystery-ish, Supernatural
Word Count: ~2300
Spoilers: S2 relationships, slight S3 spoilers
Warnings: Sex (het and slash) mentioned, but not shown; cracky-crack
Author’s notes: Yeah, I don’t even know where this came from. No prompt, just my weird-ass brain. AU Season 3
Summary: There’s a new fashion trend sweeping McKinley High.

Glee Crossover Commentfic Meme

Come and play with us at the glee_cross_meme

We're running a Commentfic challenge, for short prompts, to be flled with drabbles, fictlets, mini-fills and fanart.

Glee Crossover Commentfic Meme

The meme challenge will run the length of November, for short fic and fanart.

Come play!


Fic: I'm Like A Bird (1/1)

Title: I'm Like A Bird
Author: Joyful
Disclaimer: I own neither the X-men nor Glee, and I make no money from this piece of fiction.
Summary: Kurt and Blaine are both mutants. They have sex.
Fandoms: Glee and X-Men
Ship: Klaine
Rating: NC-17
Notes: I wrote this ages and ages ago for one of pyroclastic's Once Sentence Memes. It's longer than a sentence, but it's stull just a little smutlet with wing!fic. I've had a thing for wings ever since I stumbled upon my first Warren Worthington fic over a decade ago, but this is the first one I ever actually wrote.

Kurt's wings fluttered nervously behind himCollapse )
Hello, all! I bring fan art for a delightful work-in-progress fanfic called The Curious Existence of Kurt Hummel, and the Werewolf who Loved Him, a steampunk AU involving kitty!Kurt and werewolf!Blaine and written by the talented animal_sweaters. You can find the story here at Fanfiction.net, where currently it's up to four chapters. The scene I've illustrated comes from the fourth and most recent chapter.

If after the chapters at FF.net you're impatient for more, consider checking out this comment thread at the Glee Kink Meme. Things may seem a bit out-of-sequence, as parts were shared there first before being polished and posted to FF.net, but it will get you where you want to be. :)

Now, click the image below for artwork! (The fake cut will take you to my journal.)

Fic: Dog Day

Title:‭ ‬Dog Day
Author:‭ ‬cinder1013
Pairing:‭ ‬Kurt/Blaine
Rating:‭ ‬G
Summary:‭ ‬One summer day every year every resident in Lima turns into a dog except Kurt.‭
Disclaimer:‭ ‬Glee and all her characters are not mine.‭ ‬They belong to Ryan Murphy and Fox Television.‭ ‬I make no profit from this.‭
A/N: Let me know if I didn't get all the tags right. And I need an author tag, please.

It was sort of a secret,‭ ‬although not a well kept one.‭ ‬One magical day a year was Dog Day in Lima.‭ ‬Every last person within the town limits turned into a pooch from sun up to sun down‭ ‬...‭ ‬except Kurt Hummel.‭

Glee Crossover Angst Challenge!


Have you ever had an idea for a Glee crossover fic that was so angsty even the thought of it made you want to cry? Have you ever wondered what would happen if Burt sold his soul to a crossroads demon to spare Kurt, or if a sadistic serial killer started working his way through Lima? Have you ever wondered what would happen if one of ND started to die from a mysterious illness and needed to be treated by Dr. House?

Then come over and check out The Glee Crossover Angst Challenge. The challenge runs from October first to October 31st, and is a place for posting your angstiest crossover prompts.


Fic: Feathers: Like The X-Men

Title: Feathers: Like The X-Men
Author: lil_miss_choc
Rating: PG
Characters: Kurt Hummel and Finn Hudson
Genre: Family fluff
Spoilers: Up to A Very Glee Christmas, to be on the safe side.
Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with Glee and I am not making money from it.
Word Count: 820
Summary: Finn sees Kurt’s wings for the first time, and he thinks it’s kind of awesome.

Click for fic...Collapse )

Ever watched a movie and realised the couple in it was boring? Ever thought that Mean Girls would be better with our three favourite Cheerios as the Queen Bees? Ever found yourself uncontrollably sobbing when you had the terrible idea of substituting Kurt and Blaine for Jennifer Cavalleri and Oliver Barrett IV in Love Story? This is your chance. If you think that Blaine would be the perfect Jake Ryan to Kurt's Samantha Baker, or that Puck is the John Bender to Quinn's Claire Standish, believe us, we do too. Whether you've always wanted to write an epic Star Wars/Glee AU with Finn as Chewbacca and Artie as R2D2, or whether you've been dying to work on a Jennifer's Body AU with Santana as the Megan-Fox-demon-girl, we're here for that.

Interested? Sign up at gleeatthemovies!

[Posted with mod permission]


Title: Maybe I could rest beneath your smile
Author: tigriswolf
Disclaimer: not my characters; title from Dierks Bentley
Warnings: animal AU; a smidge of non-con; so much fluff
Pairings: Kurt/Blaine, unrequited and unwanted Karfosky/Kurt
Rating: PG13
Wordcount: 1920
Point of view: third
Prompt: at the post

“I’m Blaine!” he said. “The Anderson-humans adopted me! They’re totally awesome! And they feed me human-food. Kitty-cat, human-food is the best.”
Title: Above us, only sky
Author: tigriswolf
Disclaimer: not my characters; title from John Lennon
Warnings: AU in that some people have animal attributes such as tails and wings.  And AU partway through Never Been Kissed.  Also, AU towards Blaine’s canon age.
Pairings: unrequited Karofsky/Kurt, pre-Blaine/Kurt
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 2270
Point of view: third
Note:  inspired by this
Another note: yes, I know that beyond the obvious, this is implausible.  Also, some parts are probably not physically possible.  I had so much fun writing it I don’t care.

Wings, Kurt had learned through research, were the rarest of all.  Some avians were unlucky, with bird feet or a beak instead of mouth.  A few just had the eyes of whatever bird ran in their family.  Kurt and his mother had wings.  Most anything else could be hidden, but wings
And they didn’t even work.

Fan Art - Winged Kurt

Hey all! Yeah, it's me again, and this time I'm back with fan art of winged!Kurt.

Summary: In a world where some people possess animal features, the McKinley jocks have found themselves yet another reason to torment Kurt-- as if it isn't enough that they already bully him for being queer, for loving (and living) to perform, for having the courage to simply be himself.

Warnings: Violence, a teeny tiny bit of blood

Click the preview image below to go behind the cut!

Title: Troublemakers Get The Most Attention
Author: Elora
Disclaimer: Glee is not my intellectual property, and I receive no monetary compensation for this transformative work.
Summary: Everything was going smoothly in the Hudson-Hummel home until naughty puppy Blaine shows up.
Rating: G
Spoilers: None.
Words: 1567
Notes: This fic is for blaqkheaven. Rosa wanted somebody to combine the Badboy!Blaine meme with the puppy!Blaine meme and get naughtypuppy!Blaine. And so I did. This story contains the same set-up of Kurt, Rachel, Finn, Puck and Blaine as the pets and Burt and Carole as the humans as The Adventure of Burt and Carole's Crazy Pets. It can be read as happening between story 1 and story 2 of that series, however it can also be read completely as a standalone.

Kurt never understood why Blaine would be intentionally naughty
Title: The Adventures of Burt and Carole's Crazy Pets
Author: Elora
Disclaimer: None of this belongs to me, and I make no money from this.
Rating: G, overall. Stories 1 and 13 are rated T for grief.
Warnings: Brief mention of the death of Burt's first wife, and of Burt's heart attack.
Spoilers: None really.
Notes: This is a complete AU. Rachel and Kurt are cats, and Puck, Finn and Blaine are dogs. Burt and Carole are humans. There are 13 stories so far, as I add more I will post here.
This is based on the fandom memes of kitty!Kurt and puppy!Blaine.

The Adventures of Burt and Carole's Crazy Pets, stories 1-13


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